28 Feb 2013

Anniversary's Post

I thought my first blog post was February 26th 2012, but it seems the correct date was February 19th. However, it's visible that the blog just completed its first anniversary! Firstly, I'd like to thank very much every reader: the numbers are just incredible. It grew up very much this year and gained two brothers - the Flag Review and the Flags of U.S. States -, although, for me, they are almost the same blog.

Goals to next year

Some flag-istic goals I'd like to achieve before the next birthday. Between parenthesis, an approximated chance to achieve it.
  • A year full of posts (90%);
  • Keep all blogs alive (80%);
  • Complete the US states series (95%);
  • Complete my Brazilian capital flags series (70%);
  • Keep posting on Flags Forum (80%);
  • Complete my personal coat of arms (60%);
  • Achieve a real change with Vexillology Wiki (10%);
  • Establish a Brazilian vexillology society (30%).
Next year I'll see what we completed.

The best of the year

My personal favorites of the year. I'd like to see your favorites, too.
Catamarca (Argentina)
Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)
Guangxi Zhuang (China)
Los Lagos (Chile)
Araucanía (Chile)

And you, what's your favorites? Please, leave a comment.

Gain a gift!

No, I'm not giving iPhones. The way I chose to thank for the reader is the following: choose any subject (yes, anything!) and I'll design a proposal to it, the soonest possible. Don't be afraid, don't be shy, participate!

Thanks again, thanks a million times! This post is specially open to suggestions, critiques, questions, etc. Don't forget to give your comment!
Sorry, I had to take a pause to celebrate, but a new flag in next week!

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