31 Aug 2016

Bryansk Oblast (Russia) [II]

In previous post, I suggested a new flag for Russian oblast of Bryansk. As I said then, I had other ideas, but hadn't my editor available... Now I have!

This is the current Bryansk flag:

And this was my first proposal:

The idea I was then brewing is the following:

As you can see, it has many elements in common with both current flag and previous proposal, but I think this one is much better thought.

The yellow pall divides the flag in three parts. Top blue, bottom blue and burgundy parts represent, respectively, Belarus, Ukraine and Bryansk, like a moderately accurate representation of their geographical locations. Blue color represents Slavic union. Bryansk territory is represented by the burgundy color, from the troops that liberated the oblast during WW2, and the golden spruce, representing local flora.

I guess this flag captures well Bryansk's location and landscape.

Comments and suggests are much welcome.
I am curious: which one do you prefer, first or second proposal?

24 Aug 2016

Bryansk Oblast (Russia)

Bryansk is a Russian oblast bordering Ukraine and Belarus.

Its flag, with clear Soviet look, is the following:

The burgundy background represents the color of the banners Red Army and guerrilla fighters carried during Bryansk liberation during WW2.

The shield is divided in three parts, representing the triple border, while blue represents Slavic unity. The shield contains a smaller shield, of Bryansk city, capital of the oblast.

This flag is boring an busy. I decided remix it on a more appealing way:

The flag is more paisagistic. The three spruces represent Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

It's just a thought. There are many other ways of recombining the elements, and I'd show some if I had my editor available.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
More ideas for Bryansk oblast flag? Show me on comments, please.