18 Feb 2013

Channel Islands (United Kingdom)

The Channel Islands is the name used to collectively refer to the islands in the English Channel, that divides the Great Britain and the France (and the rest of continental Europe). They are constituted by two different British crown dependencies, Jersey and Guernsey, reminiscent of the Duchy of Normandy. There were discussed on Flags Forum about the possibility of a possible independent federated Channel Islands. I prefer to discuss about a "cultural Channel Islands flag".

I don't think the best flag would merge the Jersey and Guernsey, for many reasons: it looks like a science fiction or alternate history flag (they use very much that resource) and it would look very unoriginal considering its neighbor and dependent of the United Kingdom, specially because traditional Guernsey flag is identical to St. George's cross and traditional Jersey flag is identical to St. Patrick's cross. However, if you disagree with me, you can see some proposals on the link below.

What's a big connection between all the islands? The former Duchy of Normandy, I guess. I think the ideal inspiration should be the banner of William the Conqueror. Why? He was maybe the most successful Duke of Normandy, and his achievements included becoming the first Norman king of England. It's how his banner looks like on Bayeux Tapestry (see source):

The best part to be used is the center-left, that's actually what looks more like a flag. The proof this banner is relevant: it inspired the flag of Guernsey. It's my proposal:

The great advantage of this flag is that it's very inserted on Channel Islands root, while not resembling the symbols used in United Kingdom properly nor in French Normandy; so it's very adequate to be used as a "Channel Islands cultural flag".

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  1. I think your idea is the most practical and sensible idea of the Flags Forum designs.

    1. Thank you. Actually, I chose this design because it's politically neutral on contemporary views, so it could be a better "cultural flag".


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