12 Feb 2013

Recife (Pernambuco, Brazil)

Since it's Carnival, I'll update my Brazilian capital flags with a city with a very famous and traditional Carnival:    Recife, whose Carnival is related to the twin city, Olinda. Let's take a look to Recife flag:

The basic inspiration to this flag is Pernambuco state flag, that, in its turn, has its origins on a flag used on 1817 Pernambucan Revolt (the only difference is that there were three stars in place of only one). See Pernambuco current flag:

Many elements are common on both flags: the blue and white backgrounds, the golden star and sun and the red cross. The common symbolism is very obvious: blue is for sky, white stands for peace, star is for the Brazilian federation, sun for climate but also energy, strength, cross for Christianism (the 1817 Revolt is also known as the "Priests' Revolt").

The Pernambuco flag has a rainbow, standing for people's pluralism. Exclusive to Recife flag, there are the Latin motto "Virtus et Fides" ("Force and Faith") and a crowned lion, related to both Pernambuco's nickname "Leão do Norte" ("[Brazilian] North Lion"), because of its history of engagement, and the coat of arms of the Prince John Maurice of Nassau, the administrator of Dutch territories on Brazil (whose headquarters were on Pernambuco) that transformed Recife (then "Mauritsstad") in one of most developed cities of American continent at the time.

I really like the Recife flag, although some details, specially the words, left over. My ideas:

I prefer most the second, that resembles even more current flag. This set of colors is very original, but you can change it for a more traditional one:

I think the last, however, is the most probable of being adopted.

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Now that I am talking about Carnival and Recife, a curiosity: according to Guinness Book, Recife has the big Carnival parade of the world, the Galo da Madrugada ("Midnight Rooster"). In 2013, it's claimed to have united 2.5 million people (Recife has only 1.5 million inhabitants).

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