5 Mar 2013

San Francisco (CA, USA)

Last times, I was looking at American city flags, when I find San Francisco (on California) flag. Well, the idea of the flag is interesting, but I think the overall execution not so. Look at San Francisco flag:

The flag consists of a phoenix returning from the ashes, the motto "Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra" ("Gold on Peace, Iron on War") in Spanish, the city name in giant letters and a yellow border (erroneously put where used to be a gold fringe). I appreciate specially the phoenix symbolism in this flag: it represents the city that, verbatim, was reborn from the ashes; San Francisco suffered six great fires between 1849 and 1852, and earthquakes, too, but was reconstructed even bigger and better.

I think the problem of the current flag is the absence of graphic appeal. So I made this design:

The bird is more similar to a phoenix now, and it features the San Francisco colors, the yellow and the black (from that Spanish motto). I hope San Francisco people like it.

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