11 Mar 2013

North Riding of Yorkshire (UK)

Last day 6, it was announced the finalists of the competition to elect the new flag of the North Riding of Yorkshire (the historical riding, not the ceremonial county). And, fortunately, my entry made the six finalists! Let me explain this flag, and maybe I could deserve your vote.

The basic point of the flag was the coat of arms the county used before it was administratively extinct. I think the references to England and Yorkshire flags are obvious.

This coat of arms is, in my opinion humble, one of the best British coat of arms ever. I thought it would be easy to work with an excellent base like this. However, my first two drafts wasn't didn't satisfy me:
Draft #1Draft #2

I was trying to do something that could be classic, elegant but, at same time, undated. In my third attempt, I found what would be my final submission:

In the end, as I said, my flag was chose the finalists, without first being amended. At first time, I was a little angry because I took much time to decide the final ratios and shades; at all, it took almost two weeks (I think so) to set the small details in my absolute endorse. As far as I know, members of the Flag Institute and other advisers re-thought my proposal still obtain this result:

I think the changes (specially on blue shade) were made in a way that it could be more easily reproduced by the British flag makers. Not a bad work, I'd say. If you think it deserves your vote, click on link below.

What's your opinion about this design? Your comment is highly welcome.
To vote on that or other flag, click here. The poll closes March 24th.

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  1. I like draft two, but it has only two roses instead of three, so the end result is probably the best.


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