2 Jun 2012

Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil) [II]

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Approximately two months ago, during my Brazilian States Series, I showed a proposal to Rio Grande do Norte. But, unsatisfied with my own result, suring the series epilogue, I said I was unsatisfied with Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará final proposals. See the current state flag, and my first proposal below:

Hum, it's specially very meaningful, but, for my taste, too colorful and unorthodox. My new proposal is this:

Blue and green have the same meaning than in original proposal, but yellow substitutes the white for representing sand more effectively. The new element is the rising sun. If you realize, RN isn't the most Western state in Brazil, but it symbolizes the state's geographical position, however. It also has the same symbolism than green and white colors in current flag: hope.

After completed, I noticed something: green, yellow, blue, white... the national colors!

What of three flag in this post is your favorite? Comment.
I'm accepting suggestions to my new Ceará flag. You can contribute with it.

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