29 Jun 2012


In some past sportive competitions, i.e. 1905 to 1914 Davis Cup and 1908 Olympic Games, Australia and New Zealand competed as a unified team under the "Australasia" name. They used this flag:

This flag resembles too much the flag of two countries. The crown is there because Australia and New Zealand was, at time, British colonies. It's a sportive flag, so I improved it to look appropriately, if someday it would be needed again. My idea was use symbols and colors yet associated with sports. The result was this:

The position of the symbols denotes the position of their countries at map. Green and gold are Australian sportive colors, took from golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha), its national floral emblem. Supporter flags with kangaroos aren't uncommon in Australian stadiums. The New Zealand is symbolized by the colors of "All Blacks" and a national symbol, the silver fern, very used in sportive kits. The Southern Cross at the center is a common symbol to the two countries, and was also used in "original" Australasian flag.

I also created a variant flag, with a kiwi replacing the fern, using a typical animal to each one:

What's your opinion about the flags? Feel freely to comment.

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  1. hi i seen another blog like yours and i found a page for an australian organisation dedicated for a new new, it would look grat with a blue canton in the corner like the us and taywan and myamar the southern cross stars, and a red field with a yellow circle and a black cangorou

    1. I imagine it looks good. But why did they put a yellow disc with a black kangaroo in the Samoan flag?


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