17 Jun 2012

New South Wales (Australia)

New South Wales has a typical Australian state flag: a British blue ensign with the state badge. The badge is also nothing special: a St. George's cross with a golden lion passant, and a Southern Cross in eight-pointed stars.

My first alteration was to drop the British blue ensign, turning the badge more visible. After that, I removed the lion at center of flag: isn't St. George's cross sufficient, or does it need more "englishness"? It looked this way:

It still looks very like St. George's cross, doesn't it? I changed the background to blue, to become more distinguishable and reference an old New South Welsh flag. So the final design looks like this:

It looks pretty good for me. Not than I dislike other proposals to NSW, but I think this one is more realistic about state necessities. And what's your opinion?

This post was planned to be published very earlier, but I was occupied with my Brazilian states series.
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