21 May 2012

Eupen-St. Vith (Belgium)

Belgium is divided in 10 provinces: five Walloon provinces and five Flemish ones. But there's a proposal to create a 11th province, with the Germanophone community in Belgium. It's called Eupen-St. Vith, and, since I know, I don't know about a flag proposal. See their symbols below (there's a St. Vith's flag, but I don't know if it's a reliable source, so I put the coat of arms):

There is a flag of the Germanophone community, but how Eupen-St. Vith (or whatever'd be its final name) ought to be a different subject, it's needed another flag. But, however, it's the community flag:

It's a beautiful flag. But we need a new one, as I said. And, what do the modern German and the Belgian flags have in common? They're red, black and gold. It's a start!OK, the origins of current German flag are, basically, recent, but it's already an established design. My final design is this:

The lion is in Belgian coat of arms, Germanophone community's flag and coat of arms, and also in the arms of some municipalities in the proposed province. The lion is in an old-school style, but, if wanted, should be changed by any other, i.e., the lion from Germaophone community.

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