2 May 2012

Virginia (USA)

Promise is promise, even if it isn't actually a promise... I told to Jack Expo, that's planning his Virginia flag, that I could show my point about it.

For first, let me show the current Virginia flag:

It's a cool seal, I admit, but hard to be sewn. The first idea I had to Virginia flag is use a inverted chevron, that forms a letter V, the first letter from Virginia's name.

The colors were a problem. I first thought to use the American colors (blue, red, white), representing the Virginia's early importance in American political organization, but it's identical to NAVA's (North American Vexillological Association) flag, and, even if the colors were inverted, it would cause confusion.

The second alternative was using the colors from official state tartan, the Virginia Quadricentennial Tartan, created at time of Virginia Colony's 400th Birthday preparations, in 2003. This colors are taken from dogwood, state official flower and tree. This is the tartan:

My first complete design contained a Pocahontas-like figure, representing the native influence, in contrast with the colors from tartan, that represents the British heritage. I changed this color that seems like black to a darker green, representing the dogwood leaves in some seasons.

I don't know if Pocahontas representation could generation any retaliation, so I dropped it. My second proposal is this:

It was good to me, but so I thought: I'm talking a lot about dogwood, so why not used its flower? Goodbye, inverted chevron!

I like this kind of geometrical flags, it seems like a Japanese flag. I'm satisfied with it. Are you, Jack?

Comment, please! Thanks.
Happy May First! (if you're in  a country it's holiday...)

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