5 May 2012

New Zealand

I would be obvious if I said that New Zealand flag is, from afar, almost identical to Australian flag. Also, I'd be obvious if I said that Union Jack isn't synonym of independence. But it's not so evident if New Zealand should have a new flag. In my opinion: yes, it should.

If you pay attention, it's not a terrible flag, explaining why it survives for so time, but I don't know if it "holds the correct message".

I'll show you my proposal. I'm not saying it's more beautiful than Silver Fern, Fighting Kiwi or anything else, but I think it shows better the New Zealand identity. It's there:

It's obviously a reference to Union Jack. But it also refers to Maori flag, that uses red, black and white. The elements of four cantons are koru (seem also in Koru Flag proposal and Maori flag), another representation from silver fern tree (Cyathea dealbata). Koru also symbolizes regeneration and peace. I like the way this flag shows, at same time, the British and the native influences in New Zealanders formation.

What's your opinion about my proposal? Be free to comment.
What's your favorite New Zealand flag proposal? Tell me.


  1. your proposal looks very good, but what about black instead of blue? the Union Jack pattern is nonetheless present, and it wouldn't violate the alternation rule.

    1. Firstly, thank you. I put black in honor position (superior left and inferior right cantons), but I think substitute the blue in other two cantons to black will make it too Maori. We can't forget that 69% of New Zealand population consider themselves as "New Zealand European".

      But, if New Zealanders want, I can re-color them to black. I prefer them black too, but I tried a less radical change.


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