13 May 2012

Ouidah (Benin)

People might be thinking "Why Ouidah?". The answer is simple: Ouidah (or Ajudá, as the Portuguese named it) is one of most important cities in last 500 years African history. From a Portuguese fort in this location, for centuries, black slaves are transported to the New World. It's not a a good history anyway, but a history that can't, and shouldn't, be forgotten.

The design I conceived to Ouidah is this:

The figure in this flag is the Door of No Return, from where the slaves leaved Africa and, as the name suggests, never returned. The blue is the sea, and was the Portugal national color. The green is the land, and symbolizes Africa (it's a pan-African color) and also both former Dahomey and current Benin. The red fimbriation represents the African bloody that was spilled along the time, so also the past. White's the color of actual door, and represents future. A meaningful flag to a unfortunately mean history...

I wanted to post before, but I was occupied with a flag project that went wrong.
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  1. can i use this flag on wikipedia ??

    1. If you mean uploading it to Wikimedia Commons, of course yes, preferably in Proposed flags category. If you ask me, I can provide you a *.SVG version.

      If you mean using it on an article, as Wikipedian myself, I'd advice you not doing it.


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