29 Apr 2012

Brazilian State Series: Epilogue

For almost two months, I dedicated my posts for analyze and modify the Brazilian state flags. From the 26 states and a Federal District, I presented suggestion to nine of them. This frame below is representing the progress: the flags in red rectangles are the modified flags, while the other are current flags I decided to maintain. I also commented a São Paulo proposal, but it's not my idea.

(Suggestion: click on image to see it in real size)

For comparative purposes, see the current flags set. Click here to see all flags on series.

Probably, in future, I'll present other Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte proposals (they're too complex), and something about Espírito Santo and Paraíba flags, but not for while.

I can sometimes, in future, present proposals to other Brazilian entities but not states. By now, I want to present proposals to other places around world. Actually, I worked on the back burner on some flags during this two months, and still have some works older than this blog (despite some of them aren't good sufficient to be published, I think).

I want to know: which is your favorite between all proposals?
I thank all comments and views during these series, they make blogging important to me.


  1. I presented a new Rio Grande do Norte proposal: see it.

  2. I liked the way you've changed my state flag (Goiás). I would say yes to change.
    ass. goiano

    1. Thanks! I'll translate all the posts in Portuguese soon (I'm from São Paulo), to easily propagate those designs - and there are some new designs to be released. Goiás is a very special, and it deserves a flag to not be confused with Sergipe or Piauí.


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