27 Apr 2012

Amazonas (Brazil)

And now, the last flag for Brazilian states series (for a while): Amazonas!

Let's see the current Amazonas flag:

What're the problems with Amazonas flag? First of all, a terrible star arrangement of star. Second, a very unoriginal design — it's obvious the influence of American flag.

At first, I reasonably tried to rearrange the star layout, maintaining the basic idea: 25 stars, representing the 25 cities in state at 1897, one of them, bigger, represents Manaus, the state capital. I decided to use three rows of stars, and the result was this:

The layout was less exotic, but easiest to be reproduced. OK, the stars rearrangement is done, it still seems like the USA flag (probably, more than never). So I decided to choice more meaningful colors, as the current ones wouldn't be missed.

There's an old state flag that used blue and white:

So I made two versions of my proposal, using blue, white and green (this last color symbolizing the state's natural richness). The results are:

The first proposal is highly based in current design, while the second shows better the star. It's personal like, but I prefer the first.

As soon as possible I'll post a epilogue of the Brazil series. Wait!
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