6 Apr 2012

Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)

The Rio Grande do Norte flag hasn't the ugliest flag in Brazil. Let's take a look at it:

There's a coat of arms on it, but it was a very good one, created by Luís da Câmara Cascudo, maybe the biggest Brazilian folklorist, and excellent  historian and anthropologist. The green means hope and white, peace. Being honest, it isn't exactly the more immediate flag to change.

Just now I repared that it carry a jangada, that I used in my Ceará flag; maybe it would need a re-fix.
I have tried, more or less, twenty versions of same design, but I'm not totally satisfied with the outcome. This is it:

Let explain it: the blue is for Atlantic Ocean, the diagonal stripe is the coast and the mangroves (the inclination resembles the state coast line), the green is for Atlantic Forest, principally in the south of state (what justifies a second time the inclination), the other white stripe is for agreste, a typically Brazilian vegetation, and the orange has two meanings: the first is to represent the semi-arid climate in state country, the second is to make reference to state gentilic, potiguar (in Tupi language, "shrimp-eater"). The star in flag is Shaula (Lambda Scorpii), the state star in Brazilian flag. The green and white remained, but now as secondary element.

It's not a terrible flag, but the uncommon layout makes me fall in doubt. The colors combination, for me, is good... with a little more inspiration, it would be excellent.

Did you like the flag? What would you change? Comment!
I'm working in some unpublished contents, I hope I'll publish as soon it's over.


  1. I like it, uncommon layouts are a great idea. That's why I think Nepal has such an interesting flag.

    I might make the blue running along the top a bit wider, to differentiate it from the white stripe. And you're right about how it matches the coastline, bravo.

    1. I should do it, but I thought the blue would occupy the space of other colors. Now you make me remember you like maps on flags, as you said in your proposal to Alberta flag.


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