20 Apr 2012

Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Today I'm talk about my proposals to Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul. I choiced to present this two together because I made the same kind of intervention in the two flags.

Let me start showing you the current Paraná Flag:

Being true, it's not a horrible flag, but, I don't know why, people use to complain about this flag. (There's a curious true story about a deputy that proposed to drop the tobacco branch for apologize smoking habit). What I dislike more in the flag is the "PARANÁ" writing and the length of stripes. I know there's a lot of similar proposals, but mine is this:

The stripes was rearranged, and Souther Cross gained its traditional layot. For me, it's good: simple, original and remarkable.

My second proposal, as I said above, is to Rio Grande do Sul. That's current flag:

The coat of arms is terrible (four flags on the exact same flag?), but it's other subject. This flag is incredibly popular in the state; it was the Farroupilha Republic flag with the Farroupilha (current state, too) coat of arms at center. Differently of Juliana Republic, as I said in an older post, the Farroupilha symbols are very respected in the state (I once heard that children learn Farroupilha anthem in school), so I decided to keep the original design, without the coat of arms, but resizing the stripes. The result is that:

I think it's a little disrespect to state pro-autonomist tradition put a star on it, so I keep it without.

It's the penultimate post in Brazil serie, and I'm promising a good surprise to Amazonas post, the last of all.
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  1. I agree with both designs, nice simplifications.

    Rio Grande do Sul's use of its own flag on its flag reminds me of Haiti, except Haiti repeats it six times instead of four. Not the best design choice, in my opinion.

    1. Thank you.

      I don't know... It's me, or isn't it obvious that you can't put a flag within the same flag? Stamps within stamps, coins within coins, they're all right, but flags on flags are different: they'd keep the simplest possible.


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