30 Mar 2012

São Paulo, Brazil (Review)

As I said in the main post of this serie, I don't mean to propose a new flag to São Paulo. My reasons were in that page, but I'm going to summarize them: São Paulo's flag isn't exactly the most beautiful flag in world, but it has a great symbolism.

But, I must admit, I'm thinking about change of idea... Someday, I was navigating the internet and found a blog proposing a change in São Paulo flag (the majority of this pages proposes a flag of São Paulo as independent state — what provides the wrong sense that it's a popular opinion). But a found one that's different, I suppose the author's name is Pedro Carvalho. The proposal is this:

According to him, the symbolism is that: the blue stripe is the Atlantic Ocean, the red is what Brazilians know as "purple soil" (very adequate to coffe growing, what helped São Paulo to became the richest state in Brazil), the golden star is wealth and development. In that blog you can find other two versions: one with a shape more similar to the state coats, and one with a white band that harmonizes the design and represents the coastline.

The second proposal, above all, is pretty good, but I still don't know if I should change São Paulo's flag.

And what's your opinion? Comment below.
That blog is with a poll to decide which of three designs is better. Participate!

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  1. A bandeira que você esta propondo é muito bonita.Pessoalmente nunca entendi porque São Paulo adotou essa horrível bandeira com listras negras que seria uma cópia mal feita da bandeira americana (a bandeira americana é bonita) e o que é pior,com as cores do Império Alemão (Preta,vermelha e branca).Portanto uma mudança seria bem vinda e voltaríamos as cores originais da antiga bandeira provincial do Império.


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