17 Mar 2012

Alagoas (Brazil)

The second flag in our serie about Brazilian flags is from Paraíba. Let me show you the current flag:

The red, white and blue is a clear reference to French flag, and means the motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". The most curious is the coat of arms, that references to the three oldest Alagoas villes: Marechal Teodoro (early known as Alagoas) (three fishes in blue), Porto Calvo (three red mountains) and Penedo (a castle in a canyon). The star, as I explained in last post, means that Alagoas is a state in Brazilian federation.

My new proposal would be based in an older state flag, but it's worse than the new. I personally like the colors of Alagoas flag, so I mantained them.

I simplified the flag. The star is a very important symbol in Brazilian vexillology, so it remained. As a white star on a white stripe is a wrong thing to made, I dropped it. This star could be simplified, but for now I'll keep it this way. There's a similar flag from People's Republic of Wiscounsin, but, come on, this doesn't exist!

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  1. I wouldn't simplify the star. The interior lines look good, giving it an almost 3D effect.

    Stars are used extensively in US flags too, though we often use them to denote when a state entered the Union. Do Brazilian states use them for a specific purpose or are they mainly a common symbol of Brazil?

    1. The Brazilian flag had twenty-seven stars, that corresponds to star layout in November 15th 1889, the Republic Proclamation Day. But, at same time, every star corresponds to a specific state or the Federal District, so, i.e., the star in Alagoas flag is (probably) Theta Scorpii, because, in the astronomic sphere on national flag, this star corresponds to Alagoas. So, put the star in flag usually means you're proud to be a Brazilian state. See here:

    2. It is amazingly cool that you can point to an actual star in the sky and say that it is used to represent your state. I wish the US did that.


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