23 Mar 2012


I'm here to communicate that the blog domain changed from www.create-recreate.blogspot.com to www.create-recreate.blogspot.com.br. The Blogger is with a new policy of changing domains from American to local servers. The main reason is copyright claims: fair use and other cases isn't crime in USA, but it's, i.e., in Brazil.

At first time, www.create-recreate.blogspot.com will be redirected here, but I don't know how it'll work from now, so I suggest as soon as possible you to accustom to the version www.create-recreate.blogspot.com.br.

P.S. Flags and similar symbols are, with rare exception, in common domain, and I don't use to utilize content by other authors, so my blog doesn't have, fortunatelly, any danger of turn off.

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