14 Mar 2012

Brazilian State Flags

My last post was about a proposal to Brazilian state of Ceará. I was thinking a lot and decided to put soon a serie about proposals of Brazilian flags. Let me see:

Acre is OK, a beautiful and historic flag. Alagoas needs a new flag; I'm already providing one. Amazonas needs a new star disposition. This flag and the one of Bahia are very resembling, maybe I change one of them. Amapá is OK (looks prettier in high definition). Ceará... I showed you my proposal.

Espírito Santo is a good tricolor; would be advisable remove the written, but it makes the flag better, for me. Goiás has a good flag, but very similar to Sergipe, isn't? Maranhão, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul is OK.

Minas Gerais has a flag as isn't made anymore, but it's a so powerful symbol that could be the Brazilian flag — some historians suspect the triangle should be green, but red is a good choice. Pará is OK.

Paraíba is a big problem: "NEGO" may have too meanings: "NÉGO" (it's ortographically a error) means "I say no", while "NÊGO" is a popular (but incorrect) way to say "blackman", and often you can view the word in the flag with the two accentuations. Yes, a big problem...

Paraná flag should be simplified. Pernambuco is a very polluted flag, but someway appropriate to state history. This version in image is the old Piauí flag, for me, the better. Rio Grande do Norte and Rio Grande do Sul should be changed (I'm working in ideas). Rio de Janeiro, too. Rondônia and Roraima are fine.

Santa Catarina should be fixed. São Paulo... I'm from this state! This flag was an old proposal to Brazilian flag, and during 1932 was used in fight against dictatorship by Paulista people... It's not perfect, but a very respectable flag.

Tocantins is the newest Brazilian state, and has a very beautiful flag (their capital, Palmas, has one of most beautiful flags I ever seen). The Federal District ("Distrito Federal") is somehow a tribute to Oscar Niemeyer, one of world biggest architects, and really amazing.

It was a very long post, friend, isn't it? What's your opinions and expectations about the serie about Brazilian states? Comment!
P.S. Have you ever realized how many Brazilian flags have a star? Brazil national flag has 27 stars (from 26 states and Federal District), and it's a cute way of say they're Brazilian states.


  1. I'll admit, this post makes me a little jealous. Even Brazil's "worst" state flags are better than the majority of those from the USA.

    I'm looking forward to the series. I'm curious as to how you will change the flags with the green and yellow stripes. That is a great design element, but maybe only one or two states should use it to avoid repetition.

    1. Three states use yellow and green stripes: Sergipe, Piauí and Goiás. Sergipe is the most easily distinguishable, so Piauí or Goiás would be changed. Currently I'm more for change Goiás, but I'm cracking my head to conclude what would be ideal.


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