10 Mar 2012

Ceará (Brazil)

This is my first post about a Brazilian state. The majority of Brazilian state flags are simply great - but, unfortunatelly, I can say it about the Brazilian city flags. However, I made a imagination exercise and tried to create a new flag to Ceará, that doesn't have exactly the most beautiful Brazilian flag, for me.

The Ceará is a sunny handsome state, and its coat of arms get a sense of what would symbolize the state: the sun, the sea, the mountains, the sertão (backcountry), the Mucuripe lighthouse, a bird, the carnaúba (a local tree) and jangada (local raft). A lot of symbols!

Reluctantly, I did the fist step: dropped the Brazilian flag background. My first try was very resembling to the coat of arms, but it seemed very saturated, so I dropped the lighthouse and carnaúba. The jangada, the sun and the bird remains, and I utilized the other elements in a more subtile way.

I kept the seven stars, that symbolize the number of Ceará mesoregions, and the green and yellow is yet there, but this time as elements of landscape. I tried to put the Brazilian colors in the sail, but it didn't work as fine as the pure white. I'm half pleased to it, but I wish it would be simpler and more striking.

Thank you for reading this post. I'd like if you told me your opinion.
I'm thinking in doing more posts about Brazilian flags. What's your opinion about that? Comment.


  1. I love the boat. Using only two shapes and no superfluous detail, you've created an instantly recognizable symbol for the state.

    My only suggestion would be to change the bird's color. Making the bird the same color as the water is a little confusing, though the dark color does offset the white in the sail.

    That however, is the only tiny thing I would critique. Fine work.

  2. It was a very pertinent perception. I'm a bit undecided about the bird's color. Before the dark blue, I tried at least three other colors. The white is the original color in arms, but it've made little contrast with sun yellow and sky blue. The brown and black worked very fine imitating a shade, but I can't say if a shade would be appropriate in a flag. Moreover, there would be a lot of main colors.


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