26 Aug 2012

Los Lagos (Chile)

Last days I'm searching something about flags of all South American nations. Some of those that most bothered me was the Chilean ones. Three or four of them are good, but they use to hold a seal over a plain white or blue background - not a creative design choice. I'm still thinking about create flag series about these regions all over the continent that haven't a good one, but however I'm present today my proposal to Los Lagos region, in Chile. Firstly, look at their current flag:

The seal is not this bad, because it shows the two main landmarks that's supposed to be found in there: the mountains (Chile is an Andean country) and a lake ("Los Lagos" means, verbatim, "The Lakes"). But the writing ruins the idea: a flag is intended to be a graphic representation, not a written one! Being, in some point, conservative, I created this design:

I put the lake in a color different of mountain, increasing the contrast. It looks good for me.

What's your opinion my proposed flag? Please let me know through comments.
I want to know one more thing, please: Do you like the idea of more South American flag on blogs? They are a little unknown, but I'd like to share the best and worst about them.


Every comment is greatly welcome!