8 Sep 2012

Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Not many British cities have their own flags. And this week I was verifying this fact, when I decided to create one of them by myself; I chose Liverpool, the third most populous English city, just after London and Birmingham.

I selected two ideal symbols to Liverpool: the Mersey and the Liver bird. The River Mersey is a significant element of Liverpool landmark, and names the region where the city is located: "Merseyside". The liver bird has been a symbol of Liverpool existent for centuries, but only popularly adopted in Modern Times. But what's a Liver bird? Most probably an eagle, possibly a cormorant, sometimes misunderstood as a phoenix or a griffin (read an interesting article about this issue). The polemic is big: the Liverpool City Council  coat of arms uses a cormorant, while the Liverpool Anglican Diocese coat of arms holds an eagle. The Liver bird I used is the most popular form, also seen in Liverpool City Council logo (actually, I used the one in Liverpool FC logo). See it below:

A important point about aforementioned logo is that it's purple, neutral in relation to the colors of biggest football teams of Merseyside: the Liverpool FC red and Everton FC blue. Therefore, purple is the main color in my flag proposal:

The white pale refers to Liverpool position right of River Mersey. The other element of flag, as I said, is the traditional Liver bird.

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Sorry if I didn't post it before, but I had problems uploading the images.

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  1. As a fan of Liverpool FC I am interested. I might have ago at my own version of a city flag :)


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