30 Sep 2012

Canada: Duality

In Canada, the discussions about a possible flag change are very polemic, dividing people between pro-change and anti-change. One of bigger reasons to change (I'm not saying it's my personal opinion) is that, while Canadian population is basically constituted by Anglophones and Francophones, only the firsts are represented in the flag.

The original meaning of Canadian flag says white is for the French heritage (this color was used in French royal emblems for centuries) and red is for the British, but usually white is considered a neutral flag, so Francophones aren't represented. Therefore, more embracing flags are sometimes proposed. Between them, the most famous is the unofficial "Canadian Duality Flag" or "Canadian Unity Flag", created during 1995 Quebec secession referendum (obviously, by "no" campaign). It consists of Canadian flag with added blue bars. Blue was a color used in flags used in French colonies in America (see example). This is the mentioned flag:

The main virtue of Canadian national flag is simplicity — that "duality flag" ruins. The blue touching the red is neither a good choice. So I come with a new flag proposal to represent the Canadian British-French duality:

The red represents the British heritage, and blue represents the French heritage. The maple leaf is dividing the flag, and it's white because it means peace. The red is not touching the blue, what improves a lot flag's visibility. The position of the colors is based in the principle that French population is concentrated in the east. See the map (darker means bigger Francophone population):

Also, it opposes the French national flag's color order, to avoid any misinterpretation. Finishing, I'd note that it's more a proposal to a new "duality flag", although it could, occasionally, be proposed as Canadian national flag, what I didn't pretend to do at the moment.

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I'd like to clarify that it's not my intention express any political opinion in this post.


  1. Interesting. I don't really know too much about Canadian Politics but I believe some Anglophones (organisations like veterans groups and political groups)are not happy with the maple leaf flag either, and often use the old British ensign flag instead. From my experience if both of the said parties are not happy with it then it probably represents both equally lol No doubt that the current flag failed to solve the issue of equal representation. Here are some other proposals from the time the flag was changed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Canada_Pearson_Pennant_1964.svg

    1. I like too much the Pearson's pennant. Some people will disagree with what I'll say now, but I like it a little better than Canadian current flag. I'm simply amazed with its ratios and colors. The blue bars on it actually represent the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, so it's neither an "embracing" flag. The "Group C Finalist" isn't a good choice for my Aesthetic taste.

      But a new Canadian national flag is something to be discussed in other occasion: if it's a good new duality flag, I'm satisfied.


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