6 Aug 2012

Rhodes (Greece)

In my post about Corinth, I've said how much I like Ancient Greece. And I think that, being some of them touristic cities, they should adopt a flag marking city area. Now, I choose Rhodes. A common flag used on web to represent Rhodes is below, although most probably it's fake:

The idea is simple: Greek national flag charged with island map. It's very poor, and, if flown beside Greek flag, they will looked duplicated. I think Rhodes has some interesting themes that could be interesting in a flag:

  • The now-destroyed Colossus of Rhodes, one of Seven Wonders of Antique World.
  • A rich medieval heritage, being for about two centuries main headquarter of Knights Hospitaller.
  • The statues placed in Mandraki Harbor (see pictures), where today the Colossus ruins are located.
I chose the most important of three below, on which the city constructed most of its fame: the Colossus of Rhodes. See him image below:

He was constructed after an important military victory, honoring Helios, Greek sun god and city's patron god. The statue is itself a Helios representation. After some tries, I obtained this result:

The main charge on this flag is, obviously, the Colossus. He was originally made of bronze, but I preferred to put it white, contrasting with colored background. The blue is for the sea, symbolizing the harbor. Gold is for Helios (or Colossus) shine over the city.

I see a problem with this flag: white isn't contrasting good with yellow. But I can't see it as a giant trouble.

You're free to comment. Your opinion or suggestion is greatly welcome.
If somebody know the credits to this wonderful Colossus of Rhodes image, contact me. I'll attribute the correct credits with pleasure.

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