30 Jul 2012

Jiwaka (Papua-New Guinea)

In May 17th 2012, two new Papua-New Guinea provinces were created: Hela and Jiwaka. Hela's flag can be seen here, but none proposed or official Jiwaka flag is yet known until now. So I decided to create a proposal, and it's below:

Now I'll explain the design. I like the Papua-New Guinea flags for some typical characteristics (so I decided to keep it): diagonal divisions, colorfulness, presence of local fauna and flora. Also, I tried to create a flag that didn't resemble Western Highlands flag.

In first division, you can see a bird-of-paradise, the symbol bird of the country. The blue color is reference to regional climate, relatively cold to the tropics (sometimes, it snows). The second division is red, with white fimbriation. The color is reference to biggest economic activities in new province: coffee farming, followed by tea cultivation. The last divisions has three stars, representing the three districts (Jimi, North Waghi, Anglicamp-South Waghi) in a green background, symbolizing the color of Mount Wilhelm, biggest mountain in the islands.

I searched a lot, but couldn't find a lot of information about the new province. So, this flag is a bit generic, I have to admit.

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  1. Hi there is an official flag of Jikawa http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Jiwaka.svg

    1. I've seen it before, but I forgot to update the blog. Thank you for the contribution!

  2. George Mek

    Hi, as a proud citizen of Jiwaka...i love the way it has been created and let it be.

    1. Just one observation: my design is older than the first foreigner notice about the actual Jiwaka flag.


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