10 Jul 2012

Coral Sea Islands (Australia)

I was spending some time doing nothing at Paint Brush when I decided to create a Coral Sea Islands flag? Why should they have a flag? No clear reason, probably just to put on a geography atlas, because just one of the islands is inhabited (with an average of three people!). I made it, definitely, for fun. The result is this:

I tried to put it on a more professional software, making a rainbow gradient, but it isn't a good technique to a flag: possible to do in digital print (although costs much toner), but not in manual needlework. So I decided to put the seven colors separately. I know that the Great Barrier Reef is on Queensland jurisdiction, but I imagine it's visible from the islands.

The background color is coral — a pun with islands name. The flag contains a Southern Cross; if the islands were disputed with other some country, a more "Australian" symbol (like Australian coat of arms) should be needed, but as it doesn't occur, I think it's a very adequate symbol.

It's not a very serious flag, but I'd like very much to receive comments.

Only 23 views to complete a thousand. It's very near!
I don't know if somebody is interested, but I'm creating a blog about sportive mock-up (it's incredibly common here in Brazil). The language is Portuguese, but if you have courage to face an automatic translation, the URL is this: http://gaya-mockups.blogspot.com.br/.

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