17 Jul 2012

Proposed Brazilian States [REVIEW]

Now I'll return with the REVIEW section of this blog, that was a little absent. In this section, I make a review of a flag proposal by somebody else. Today I'll comment the main flags of Brazilian proposed states.

Tapajós: I'll start with the flag that, for me, is the most beautiful. It's used by Tapajós, a proposed states comprising the Pará west, considered "forgotten" by state authorities. This flag was very used in a campaign before a state secession referendum last year (2011), but people voted against the separation.

The explanation of the flag: the yellow stripe is for Amazon River richness, compared with gold, the blue is for Tapajós River, that names the proposed state, and green for the forest.

Carajás: The same referendum that voted Tapajós secession also voted Carajás secession, also failed. Carajás is a proposed states in southeast Pará, in an area comprising some of bigger open-air iron mines, but with small federal and state investment. The flag remember the sunshine, but I don't like it. I don't know what I dislike more: if the small circle or the fimbriation in black.

Gurgueia (old ortography = Gurguéia): It's a proposed state in south Piauí, one of poorest regions in country. The proposal is in voting process in Brazilian Parlament. I don't like too much the flag, because it's very polluted. Maybe without the writing and with a bigger central stripe and symbol it would look better.

Triângulo: It's used by a proposal of new state comprising Minas Gerais region of Triângulo Mineiro ("Minas Triangle", named because its shape), with a supposedly different identity: the region was part of São Paulo and Goiás in the past, and is economically very related with them. It was, probably, one of two most "viable" proposed states. I like the flag, specially the triangle, that names the state.

There's more or less twenty federal law projects related with proposed states, but many of them hasn't a known flag. I'll travel next week, and the time to the blog was low, but I tried to write a fast and interesting post.

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