3 Jul 2012

Native Brazilian people (Brazil)

July is vacation month in Brazil, and I'm using a little free time to make some flags. The today's flag is actually a big improvement of a flag I firstly thought to publish in this blog, but on which I wasn't aesthetically secure. It was a flag to represent the native Brazilian people.

 Why a flag? In some countries at Americas, like USA and Canada, almost every single tribe has they own flag, and, if you think, it's a bit exaggerated. In Brazil, I can't remember any flag to any native group. How would take time to create a flag to any one of them, I first created a flag whose representation comprise all the native Brazilian.

The first design, the one I did long ago and on which I was insecure was this:

Brazilian flag at canton (it was my creation, I can't remind any flag using it), an war bonnet — took from FUNAI (National Institution to the Indian)  logo — and four red and black alternate stripes. Some Brazilian native people paint their chests with horizontal bars using natural pigments, mainly red or black (it's inspiration to horrible and hated 2011 season nation soccer team kit: home, away, third). The number of stripes  four  is because, in 19th century, it was thought that there were four great native Brazilian "nations": Tupi-Guarani, Macro-Je, Arawak, and Carib.

Not that it couldn't be used, no, I think it's good, but I think they deserve something better. So, I was moving some elements from original place, when I found what would may be an excellent flag:

Let me explain it: stripes are Brazilian flag are still there, but in a more abstract representation. I don't  know if it's clear, but inside the red stripes there're the black one; can you see it? It's purposely colorful, but, if in one way it looks complex, it could easily be drawn by a six-years-old child, by memory.

What's your opinion about this flag? Don't feel prevented from comment.
I'm waiting a very special activity in this blog. Wait, it's coming soon.


  1. I like the idea. I like the way the Brazilian flag is featured in the canton of the first design and the red and black stripes. I am unsure about the bonnet. The second flag though is awesome.

  2. Thank you. This bonnet is really a bit ugly - I tried something more stylized, but I couldn't do by myself or find one on Internet.


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