23 Jul 2012

Maceió (Alagoas, Brazil)

I'm in vacations in Maceió, in Brazilian state of Alagoas (to my proposal to Alagoas, click here). Before the travel, I searched on Internet by city flag, and I found a not-so-good model. So, in extraordinary feature, I'll propose a new flag to Maceió. First, let's see the city flag:

It's a commonplace in Brazilian city flags: a very traditional shape (three stripes) with a coat of arms. At least, Maceió coat of arms is beautiful. But everybody can perceive that the coat of arms is repeated twice: in the background and in the shield. So, let's improve it.

My first proposal is made a banner-of-arms-like flag:

It's a good time to explain the meaning of the elements of this flag. Green is for Atlantic Ocean, blue to Mundaú lagoon. Between the stripes, the recommended ship to each case. The central stripe, in white, represent the sandy land between the two. The red "wave" represents the muddy waters of Riacho Salgadinho (translating, "saltie little river"). The barks are cool, but they don't fit correctly. So I made a simplified version, basically the original flag without the coat of arms. See it:

It looks simple, original and still resembles the city coat of arms. This is it!

I would like to know your opinion about this post. Write a comment, please.
Soon, I'll return to São Paulo, so I'll post some prepared content.

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