21 Jul 2014

Anglo-Quebecers, Anglophone community in Quebec (Canada) [II]

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About one year and a half ago, I posted a flag for the English-speaking community on Quebec, what would make sense since the French-speaking communities of majorirarily English-speaking provinces have their own flags.

My final proposal was this, inspired by the provincial coat of arms and symbolizing duality and unity. For the complete rationale, click on the link on the top of the page.

Recently, a commenter posted that Montreal flag could almost pass as a flag for the English-speaking Quebec. So I noticed to have a re-though on the flag.

Curiously, Montreal and its neighborhood concentrates the biggest part of the community. Below, the flag of Montreal: a red cross, representing the religious that founded the city, and a fleur-de-lis, a Lancaster rose, a thistle and a shamrock, representing, respectively, the French, the English, the Scottish and the Irish settlers. In my opinion, the flag is a bit busy:

And this is the flag of Quebec:

Both flags have a cross and a fleur-de-lis on superior left quarter. So I have the idea of coloring the flag of Quebec like that of Montreal, obtaining this result:

The red cross could also be handled as the St. George's cross of England, the birthplace of English language. The link with the flag of Quebec makes it more suitable to the whole province, and not only Montreal. The disposition of colors have also a curious similarity with British flag.

I like the final result, and it's bold but also very significative.

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Just curious: two consecutive flags on North America category.


  1. Unfortunately, to an Anglo-Quebecer your second flag looks like Quebec nationalists took the Montreal flag and erased all references to the English, Scots, and Irish who helped build our city. So perhaps not the desired effect. I saw it on Google images out of context and had a sinking feeling, thinking that it was an attempt at 'francising' the Montreal flag.

    1. Well, the idea wasn't Frenchify Montreal flag, but rather anglicize Quebec flag. The St. George's cross is not only a symbol of England, but sometimes used to represented the whole United Kingdom. But, as the idea wasn't kept, it's maybe the case of another re-design.

  2. I thought of this idea as well and I was happy to find your flag on Google (so I didn't have to make it lol) I am an anglo-quebecer and love this design, from looking at the above comments I guess I'm as much as a minority as a anglo-quebecer lol. The only redesign I can think of is the Scottish flag with fleur-de-lis... But I think your flag a perfect representation of anglo-quebec


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