5 Aug 2014

Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil)

A very special post: the last of my series about Brazilian state capitals flags. Today, we'll look at Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The current flag of Campo Grande is the following:

The eagle of the coat of arms holds a winding horn, symbol of the local agricuulture. The two wavy stripes represent the Segredo and Prosa streams, and the silver bordure with red crosses represents the bandeirantes that settled in the region. It's not a bad flag, but it represents more the region than the city itself.

A curious fact about finishing these series with Campo Grande is that, actually, it was one of the earliest capitals for which I designed a flag prototype, that you can see below. It was inspired by the statues of jabiru, the majestic bird of Pantanal, present in local airport.

It has a fault shared with current flag: it represents the region better than the city. So I decided for a new attempt, taking cities landscape as an inspiration. The result:

From the coat of arms, the two streams that represent the foundation of the city. The bottom red stripe represents the red or purple soil of the place, that gives it the "olive-skinned city" nickname, and the links it still keeps with native people. The top blue stripe represents the horizon, very clear as the city is located in the top of a plateau.

This flag is very unexpected, in my opinion, but I like it.

Comments are welcome.
And here is the last flag from my state capital series. Soon, the epilogue of the series. Wait!

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