14 Jul 2014

Miami (FL, USA)

For today, one more request by the readers, this time by an anonymous commenter. It's for Miami, that, although don't have a terrible flag for American standards, is easily confused with India national flag by tourists.

This is the current flag of Miami:

Like Indian flag, Miami's one have orange-white-green horizontal stripes with a circular emblem on central stripe, here a seal. The seal contains a palm tree. I couldn't find any source for the meaning of the colors, but I have a theory that it may be related to orange tree: orange for the fruits, white for the blossoms, green for the tree itself.

My first proposal is simply rearranging the key elements, rotating the stripes and enhancing the palm tree, like this:

This flag is very bold, and wouldn't be absolutely strange for Miami residents. It's similar to Ivory Coast flag, but the palm tree may be enough difference.

For a more distinctive flag, I suggest this:

This flag keeps all the colors from current flag. Putting the palm tree on a circle actually makes it remember the city's seal. The orange and circle combination remembers Miami's beautiful sunshine. It can also be related to "Orange Blossom Myth".

Substituting sunshine for sun and enhancing orange symbolism, I came with this:

In my humble opinions, all designs presented are good improvements of current Miami flag. The fact none is a total ruptures makes them easier to be practically adopted.

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