9 Jul 2014

Acting president (Brazil)

On Brazil, the acting president of Brazil is the first available on the following list: the president of the Republic, the vice president, the president of the Chamber of Deputies (low chamber), the president of Federal Senate (high chamber), the president of the Supreme Federal Tribunal (both the constitutional court and the highest court of appeal). The last three can only assume the presidency interim.

Among them, as far as I know, only the president and the vice president (while not acting president) of Republic has their own flags, respectively as follow:

Inspired by the personal flag of the Minister of Defense created in 2009, that use a kind of "lesser arms" of Brazil, and my proposal to national jack, with 27 stars, I propose the following small amendments:
President of the Republic

Vice President of the Republic

The other three don't have known personal flags. So I created them using the same pattern of my proposal for the vice president.

For the presidents of Chamber of Deputies and Federal Senate, I decided the background following the color of their chambers' noble hall: green for the Chamber of Deputies, blue for the Federal Senate. The stars are yellow, partly because I'd like to keep reserving the white stars on blue to the Navy usage. On the inferior left quarters, the silhouette of the well-known Parliament building, that hosts both houses, emphasizing the concave semi-sphere to Chamber of Deputies and the convex semi-sphere for Federal Senate on their respective flags.
President of the Chamber of Deputies

President of the Federal Senate

The noble hall of Supreme Federal Court is white, so I decided to put a white background on th flag of its president. On inferior quarter, I decided to put a balance scale, because its fa├žade is not as famous and the parliament building. The stars and the scale are ruby color, as the ruby stone is associated with Laws.
President of the Supreme Federal Tribunal

On president's cabinet, whoever is the acting president of the day, it's always flown the flag of President of Republic, what can be confirmed by photographs. Alternatively, a single flag for the acting president, when not the elected president, could be easier to handled by the ceremonials. My proposal takes the green from presidential flags, adding white stars:

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
In a future occasion, I may post flags for the Federal Senate and Chamber of Deputies. Wait!

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