3 Jul 2014

Freamunde (Oporto, Portugal)

Freamunde is a freguesia of Paços de Ferreira, in Oporto district, Portugal. It's known for its Saint Sebastian and its capão (castrated, giant chicken).

In 1991, it was proposed a flag for Freamunde, containing reference to the popular motto "land of culture, labor and peace": an open book, an engine, a chimney and a peace dove. Since then, it started being flown unofficially.

As you can see, the charges of the coat of arms aren't arranged in a blazonable way, so, therefore, it can't be classified as strictly heraldic.

In 2007, the "land without blazons" gained a new, official coat of arms, that you can see on flag below:

I read reports of people that were used by former, unofficial coat of arms and complained against the new one. So I decided to fix the former to a more heraldic layout, using elements from the latter.

Here is my result:

Firstly, I decided to use the same blue and white gironny pattern from both flags. I put the book and the engine in black backgrounds, like the unofficial coat of arms. The capões are white on red background, inspired by the logo of its capões fair. On white background (the color of peace), the olive branch.

I liked the result, because I think it's a nice compromise between the two coats of arms and has a more functional layout.

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Sorry for posting thursday, I'm busy this week.

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  1. Could you design a new flag for the city of Miami, Florida? Although it is slightly better than most Floridan cities', it kinda looks like the Indian flag and it always confuses tourists here.


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