19 Feb 2012

Anglo-Quebecers, Anglophone community in Quebec (Canada)

Some time I was reading articles about Canadian vexillology, and one argument makes me wonder. It was something like this:
The Franco-Canadians in Anglophone provinces has their own flag (see here), then, the Anglo-Canadians in Quebec should have a flag too. Why not?

The objective of this article isn't debate if this kind of flag is good or not (I'm not, personally, an enthusiast of them), but satisfy the people that think Anglo-Quebecers should have their own flag. The base for my design proposal is a colonial flag of the province, the blue ensign with the provincial coat of arms:

Naturally, the Anglo-Quebecois may have some familiarity and consideration with this flag (not everyone, but some of them). Other influece was this early Quebec proposal flag. My first proposal flag excludes the Naval Jack, making it a more contemporary design.

I think that a more meaningful flag should have just the fleur-de-lis and the maple leaf, meaning duality and unity. This design is, for me, a lot more beautiful - classic and modern in same proportions.

This is from a serie of done flags I have. In next weeks, I'll post them randomly.
Thank you. I hope you liked this post. If yes, follow me.


  1. All designs look good, most of the Franco provincial flags do not heavily promote the fleur des lies. I was also thinking about a Anglo Quebec Flag, the City of Montreal could almost pass for one. Some individuals will debate the in the City of Montreal Flag that it is not of St. Georges Cross, however the flag came into excistence well before 15 Feb 1965.

  2. I totally agreed on you're perspective.


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