19 Feb 2012

Washington State (USA)

I knew a very interesting blog: Fix the Flags, about mainly American and Australian vexillology.
This blog was the main inspiration for me to create this blog - I've been had this idea for long, but I finally did it.
One of this posts is about the Washington state flag (see here).
The actual Washington flag is that:

The big problem with this flag is that it contains a seal. It's a very common element in American vexillology - I'm Brazilian and I'll probably never understand that.
The author of the aforementioned blog said that what he most like in that flag is the green. I thought in this flag:

It's massively based in current Washington's flag, but with a more modern design. I tried to use a George Washington's shadow, but none worked.

It was my first post. Thank you and hope you liked.
P.S. Sorry my bad English, as I said before, I'm Brazilian. It's getting better all the time.


  1. Very nice design, the broad central stripe contrasts well with the narrow green ones.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing a Brazilian opinion on our state flags, especially because many of the Brazilian states have done a better job than we have in the US.

    1. Thank you!
      I love your blog. My favorites are the proposals to Alabama, Alberta, Florida, Indiana, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nova Scotia (the last one) - they really would work as official. And your solution to Victoria is one of most creative things I ever saw.
      Don't stop posting!

      P.S. About the Brazilian flags, except for five or six that are unfashionable, they are really good. The older ones have a pretty classic "package", and the newer are very colorful and geometric.


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