23 Feb 2012

Corinth Municipality (Greece)

I'm a History lover and, since my eight or nine years, one of my favorites civilizations is the Ancient Greece. And I'm fascinated with the city-states. And one of my preferred city-states is Corinthia.

I have a prototype of flag to current Corinthia regional unit (with a Corinthian helmet, of course), but today I'll show a proposal to Corinth municipality. It's that:

(I would suggest to click on picture, because it seems washed-out)
The basis of this design is the seal of the city (the one below this paragraph). I maintained the pegasus and the ancient column, and the main colors, the blue and the light orange. I dropped the crown (probably an olive crown) by purely aesthetic reasons. I should drop the script too, but, unfortunatelly, this is a thing policians like — moreover, it makes clear that it's a municipal flag, and not a flag for Corinthia regional unity, Corinthian historic region or something else.

And, in the end, I want to show you a personal thinking: a lot of places around world have their own seal, coat of arms or logo, but not a flag, and I don't understand this lack of consideration. People "without a flag" have difficulties in identificate theirself as collectivity. Take a coat of arms, a seal, a logo, a mascot or something like that and make a flag. It's what I did in this post, and it isn't hard — no more than a seal, a logo or arms.

My next post'll be about someplace without seal, arms, logo, mascot or souvenir: wait!

Sorry the poor drawing of the flag, I don't use pro tools.
Sorry my bad English, I'm trying to get it better.
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