23 Feb 2012

Flores Island (Indonesia)

As I announced last post, the flag I'll show today is from someplace without any coat of arms, seal or logo (I don't know any of them, at least). I'll propose a flag to Flores Island.

Flores is an island arc located in the east Indonesia, and its special charm is the fact it was colonized by Portuguese and until today keeps alive the Iberic influences. The island has no political unity, and never had a flag. But it would be useful if someday Flores join the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries) or other cultural organizations separately from Indonesia.

Flores could have a lot of symbols: the Homo floriensis, the Flores giant-rat, the Kelimutu, etc. The Flores man is a prehistoric dwarf relative of human specie. I don't know how to show in a flag why the Flores man is known as "the hobbit". About the Flores giant-rat, it would be as controversial as put a chupacabra in Puerto Rican flag! I thought about flowers (in Portuguese, "flores"), but it wouldn't be the most associable symbol. The Kelimutu is the main tourist attraction of Flores and good enough to be in a flag.

Kelimutu is a famous volcano which contains three lakes. The north lake is green, and the other two is blue and red, but sometimes they change color, and it makes Kelimutu very uncommon. My design is this:

The orange background is because it makes remember Flores is a volcanic island. The only function of the hexagons is be nestable. What I like more is that is it doesn't remind Portugal neither Indonesia. It's just a neutral flag. The white lines are here just because the rule "no colour upon colour". That's all!

Do you have any point of view about this flag or this post? You're free to comment!
Thank you for reading. Follow the next posts, please.


  1. I like the design, the stylized landmark really gives a sense of place and looks good at the same time.

    And controversial or not, a chupacabra-based Puerto Rican flag sounds pretty cool to me.

    1. Imagine the discussion this would be:
      — It's lasting two legs in this chupacabra!
      — No! But the eyes are too small.
      — Chupacabra? It seems more like Yeti!


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