31 Mar 2014

Roraima (Brazil)

Some time ago, I completed my state flags series, but there are still states for which I didn't propose new flags because I think it was regular or acceptable. One of them is Roraima, whose flag doesn't have many fans.

The current flag of Roraima, strictly according to law, looks like this:

Some people argue the colors are too bland, and that the red line is disharmonious to the rest of the flag. The symbolism of the colors is pretty easy: green for forests, white for peace, blue for sky and breeze, yellow for wealth. The red line represents the equator, and its position represents the approximate latitude where it crosses the state.

My proposal is basically a re-arrangement of the layout:

My first action was putting sky's blue on top and forests' green on bottom. The color shades were changed too, to a better contrast. The red line was moved to the center, better arranged, but, on the other hand, it represents the equator less perfectly than the current flag. All in all, though, I think it's a better flag.

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