3 Mar 2014

Clackmannanshire (Scotland, UK)

Hi, readers! This week I'll be travelling and, as a precaution about internet availability, it's a pre-programmed post. I'm sorry if this post is shorter than usual.

The Association of British Counties (ABC) is a non-profit organization that has, among other goals, spread the flag usage in all British historical (or traditional) counties. One of its blogs, related to flags, was expanded on last weeks, and, for my surprise, one of the new proposals appearing on it was made by me, for a flag of Clackmannanshire.

My inspiration for them was the coat of arms of the county, that contains some interesting symbolisms. The gauntlets, related to a local legend related to Robert the Bruce, is present in all flags:

Proposal #1Proposal # 2
Proposal # 3Proposal # 4

The flag being proposed on that blog is the #3. A very detailed rationale of that flag, well-exposed by Jason Saber, can be seen here. It's not my only proposal on that blog, and, on a better occasion, I can present some others.

Unfortunately, the adoption of flags on Scotland isn't a simple process, as it depends of a grant by Lord Lyon King of Arms, what can be expensive.

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Sorry for the shortness of this post. Next week, the blog return with normal posts.


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