25 Feb 2014

Goiás, Piauí, Sergipe (Brazil)

On last post, I asked the readers of the blog about making suggestions for future themes. A suggestion I received was about re-making the flags of Goiás, Piauí and Sergipe, because, according to the anonymous commentator (and I have to agree on this point), they are "too similar".

If you aren't familiar to those flags, here they are:

In short, Sergipe flag has few stripes and five stars, Goiás has many stripes and five stars, and Piauí has many stripes and one star, apart from that the flags have the same colors and same arrangements.

It's not the first time where I write about those flags on this blog, actually. On the original post, I suggested Piauí flag being reversed to previous version (without text), and a totally novel flag to Goiás whose rationale can be read here.

Goiás proposal (03/2012)Piauí proposal (03/2012)

I decided I'd do a novel design to each state. As I had it done to Goiás yet, there are two remaining.

Next on batch is Piauí. My first proposal to Piauí state is inspired by state coat of arms, that follows:

The state coat of arms is party per fess: the top is yellow, with three green trees representing the three native palm trees of the state, from left to right, Copernicia prunifera ("carnaúba"), Mauritia flexuosa ("buriti") and Orbignya phalerata ("babaçu"); on bottom, the three fishes represent the three biggest rivers of the state (Parnaíba, Canindé and Poti), while the seven blue pallets stand for the main tributary rivers on the right margin of Parnaíba river. Here's the proposal:

The white star representing statehood and progress appears both on flag and on the crest of the coat of arms. The blue field represents the waters of the state in general.

My second proposal is more abstract, so possibly more suitable for a flag, taking inspiration from the bottom of the coat of arms:

The blue stripes represent the three biggest rivers of the state, while the number seven still appears if you sum the blue and white stripes. The green stripes represent the main trees (only the boles?) while the yellow stand for the hot climate predominant on the state. The white star gains a predominant place, on the center of the flag.

My proposal for Sergipe is more thought: the flag says few about the state (it was initially adopted by a local private shipping company), and the current state coat of arms is neither very appealing nor heraldically correct. I'll first present the flag then explain its symbolism.

The base of this flag is the yellow sun on red, took from a coat of arms adopted initially by Dutch colones, and, as far as Wikipedia may suggest, also used by the Portuguese province (what I suspect isn't true). The state takes its name from the a river called Sergipe (from Tupi, "river of siri") or the tribal leader Serigy (from Tupi, "water of siri"). "Siri" is a name given to the "swimming crabs", that have the last pair of paws in the form of swim fins, therefore the wavy stripe and swimming crabs on the flag; similar iconography is found on the coats of arms of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Aracaju and some of its bodies.

If you prefer, a version without the crabs, but still with all symbolism:

Your comments are welcome and, as proved today, I read all them.
I'm still open to suggestion; leave yours on comments.

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