4 Feb 2014

Pachuca de Soto (Hidalgo, Mexico)

Last Sunday, I was surprised by a request: a man from Mexico named Guillermo asked me about designing a coat of arms for his birthplace: the city of Pachuca de Soto. Well, I accepted.

Although he asked only about a coat of arms, I'll present it here inside a flag. The work is not finished, Guillermo suggested some changes,  but I think the current status is good enough to be displayed.

Part of my goal was to make it look like Spanish-style heraldry. I can best explain the symbolism after I show the flag:

On the chief of the coat of arms, there's a representation of one of the anemoi, the Greek wind deities. I decided for it because the city is nicknamed "the airy beauty" and "the wind's fiancee". The green background is a tribute to the hills that surround the city. The base (bottom) of the coat of arms is inspired by the coat of arms of both the duchy and county of Cornwall, as the Cornish influence to the city is still perceived (just for curiosity, Pachuca had the first Mexican football club), but with golden roundels substituted by silver ones, as the silver extraction was main economic activity until the middle XX century.

The bordure was added as it was a common element in Spanish colonial heraldry. The silver bordure is adorned by green tau crosses, associated with the Franciscans monks, fundamental to early settlements on the city.

Based on Mexico City coat of arms, this shield don't have any crown or crest. The background colors of the flag are a very obvious pick.

Comments are welcome.
This work is still not finished. Possibly, I can futurely release a post with updates.

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