29 Jan 2014

South Atlantic Islands (Argentina)

I've recently saw a Polandball comics containing a Malvinasball, a character representing Argentine claim over Falkland Islands (the islands are commonly known as Malvinas in Spanish). In effect, the claimed region corresponds to Argentine department of Islas del Atlántico Sur (South Atlantic Islands). The character used a novel flag, that I reconstructed on the image below:

Well, it's not a great flag, for many reasons: too similar to Argentine flag, yellow on white isn't a contrasting color scheme, the map is too difficult to be reproduced.

This flag, if used elsewhere, is totally unofficial, as the Argentine department doesn't have a flag. The flag flown by British territory of Falkland Islands is the following (Argentine claim also include parts of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and British Antarctic Territory):

Some proposed flags to the department can be found here, but flags are too generic, plagiarist or badly designed.

My flag proposal is inspired by a coat of arms that gained a competition in 1966 to a new coat of arms for Argentine. The coat of arms below, as well as many others related to the islands, can be seen here.

My flag proposal is the following:

The blue-white color scheme is predominant in most Argentine provincial flags, and I decided to follow the pattern to this department. The Sun of May is a symbol of claimed sovereignty over the islands. The symbolism of the waves is very obvious. In a arrangement inspired by coat of arms above, four stars are put on cross, each one representing a island or an archipelago: top (special place) for Falkland, left for South Orkney, right for South Georgia and south for South Sandwich.

Your comments are welcome.
I'd like to remember it's a creative exercise and no way has intentions to show political statements.


  1. Some interesting links, and a nice design. It would be interesting to see what flag and coat of arms would be used if Argentina ever gained sovereignty over the Falklands or even if a joint sovereignty agreement was reached.

    1. Being sincere, I think it would be as flagless as the biggest majority of islands on the world.

  2. The Falkland Islands belong to the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands (Argentina). Las Malvinas as sitada administrative part of the province, use the flag of that province.

    Flaf of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands

    But your proposal seems interesting for the exclusive use of the island.



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