20 Feb 2014

2nd Anniversary's Post

It's the second anniversary of my first post on this blog. It's a very special occasion to thank sincerely all the viewers and followers of the blogs and, emphatically, the comments that make the blog so special.

The best of the year

Here's my selection of my favorite blog posts of this year, in no particular order. If you feel the absence of one design, cite it on comment!

 Iberian Union


 Dunedin (New Zealand)

 Dahlak Archipelago (Eritrea)

 Gaza Strip

Goals from previous year

It's the list of goals I've made on previous year. Let's see if I achieved them? On parentheses, the possibility I bet.
  • A year full of posts (90%): Yes!
  • Keep all blogs alive (80%): More or less. I diminished the Flag Review posting frequency on the half, and Flags of U.S. States is alive, but a bit dormant.
  • Complete the US states series (95%): As I said above, no.
  • Complete my Brazilian capital flags series (70%): Almost there!
  • Keep posting on Flags Forum (80%): Yes!
  • Complete my personal coat of arms (60%): Yes!
  • Achieve a real change with Vexillology Wiki (10%): No.
  • Establish a Brazilian vexillology society (30%): It almost happened, but idea is a bit dormant now, I guess.

Goals to next year

  • A year full of posts (85%);
  • Keep all blogs alive (85%);
  • Complete the US states series (90%);
  • Complete my Brazilian capital flags series (95%);
  • Keep posting on Flags Forum (80%);
  • Establish my new blog focuses on Brazilian heraldry [in Portuguese or bilingual] (90%).

Gain a gift!

The blog is making anniversary, and who gains the gift is its most important actor: you! Suggest a theme to a post, and I'll do my best on it.

Your comments are very important.
I can't forget to thank you again for viewing, following or commenting.


  1. Re-create the flags of Goiás, Piauí and Sergipe, because they are too similar. Awesome blog!

    1. Thanks for comment and compliments. Your request is here.


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