4 Jun 2013

Brazil [II]

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I recently showed a flag proposal to incentive the debate about a possible new Brazilian national flag. If you want to know the reasons why the debate is interesting, click on original post.

Below, you can see, respectively, current Brazilian national flag and my first proposal:

My newest proposal is, in certain way, derivative of the flag Brazil used during monarchy:

I'm not a great fan of imperial coat of arms for a couple of reasons: it's very complex, the green shade is too dark, the tobacco branch doesn't represent Brazilian history, it needed to be changed every time a new province was created, etc. Moreover, it's impractical since the country became a republic, because of the crown. My proposal, reworking previous flag, is the following:

The armillary sphere and the cross of the Order of Christ have long being associated with Brazilian iconographic history. The blue circle is blue, with an allusion to current flag and to the flag Brazil used during the United Kingdom with Portugal and Algarve. The flag now has red, the color of the tincture of the brazilwood, the tree that gives name to Brazil.

For the fans of the lozenge occupying the whole plan:

It's important to notice that, although this flag is a little complicated to being drawn, the current one is worse: it's much more difficult to draw 27 stars, each one with its correct size and position, while the proposal has a logic infinitely easier to be remembered. Moreover, this proposal is only a prototype, and can be simplified in other occasion.

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If you have a favorite Brazilian flag proposal, by you or whoever, fell free to post it on comment.

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