25 Jun 2013

Fortaleza (Ceará, Brazil), Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

For today, two cities with very similar flags that gained such the same kind of redesign: Fortaleza (the sunny capital of the state of Ceará) and the worldwide famous Rio (capital of state of same name).

Starting with Fortaleza... This is the current flag:

This flag is constituted by a blue saltire and the coat of arms of the city, that's pretty nice but too busy to a flag. The coat of arms of the city is canting, as "Fortaleza" means, in Portuguese, "fortress". My proposal is, basically, a simplification of current flag:

This flag is much simpler and the fortress is more prominent now.

The current flag of Rio, now:

The current Rio flag is very similar to Fortaleza one, isn't it? I could made a nice novel flag, but I think a radical change won't be welcome by local people. The coat of arms depicts an armillary sphere (common reference to Portuguese empire) and three crossed arrows, representing the patron saint of the city, Saint Sebastian. Similar symbols are used to represent the Rio de Janeiro since 1565. For my proposal, I'll remove the Phrygian cap to keep it simpler. For curiosity, compare it to the flag of the former state-city of Guanabara. Here it is:

I can't see why this flag wouldn't be well-accepted.

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