2 Jul 2013

Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Belo Horizonte (a.k.a. "BH") was planned to be the capital of the second most populous and thrid richest state of Brazil, Minas Gerais, and, after a fast growth, is currently the 6th largest city in the country by population.

This is the flag of the state:

This coat of arms is very significant: the golden chief with a red triangle is reminiscent of current state flag, itself reminiscent of the flag used in one of biggest colonial revolts in Brazilian history. The bottom has a horizon, as "belo horizonte" means "beautiful horizon" in Portuguese, and depicts the local landscape.

My proposal is the following:

The flag depicts the "beautiful horizon" but has some more incidental meanings: the green triangle was present in a famous reconstruction of Minas Gerais Conspiracy flag (for some time, versions with green and red triangles coexisted in unofficial usage). This flag has the colors of Brazilian flag.

Possibly similar to Rondônia flag, but I think it's not an issue, as the city and the state are separated by thousand miles. People from "BH" may like this design.

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