23 Jul 2013


Paraguay changed its flag recently, but it past on media without great sound. Actually, it wasn't a radical change: the country only changed its seal, that appears on the flag, to a more "retro" look, based on the design introduced in the 1840s.

As you may know, Paraguay is the only country with a double-sided national flag, each side depicting one side of the national seal, that's double-sided (like the US seal). Here you see the previous obverse (above) and the current (below):

The same for the reverse:

I didn't like the change. The previous seal was much more colorful and stylistically superior, the current one seems unfinished, and the star, the branch, the lion are all smaller. Many heraldic corrections were reverted, as the yellow star is in a white background (what doesn't give enough contrast) and the lion is facing the right for no apparent reason.

I propose a deeper change, firstly turning the flag one-sided like every other flag in the world. How? Keeping the design independent from the seal. If I had to choose one side to new flag, it would be the reverse, much more impacting than the obverse. I'll remove all writing as well.

Here's the result:

I prefer the phrygian cap facing the opposite side of the lion, but it's a very personal taste, that could be changed if this flag was really adopted.

To increase the impact of the lion and the phrygian cap, nice symbols to a republic, I'd change the stripes ratio to 1:2:1 (the so-called "Spanish fess").

I think that Paraguayans could be proud about it.

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